Book Club Prequel

Sometimes Deals happen before a thing can happen. In this case, the thing is the premier of our Book Club in August. Here's a couple of fantastic deals which will run out before our first edition is mailed out.

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by E.B. Roshan

Currently only .99 Cents on Amazon

My new romantic suspense, Wrong Place, Right Time, is on sale for .99 cents until the end of July.

All Anna Belko wants is a quiet cup of tea. For a young garment factory worker in the uneasy city of Dor, such moments of peace are few and far between. When she stops by a little cafe called Oxsana's on her way home from work, she has many things on her mind, but meeting the man who will turn her life upside down is not one of them.

After his cousin is killed, Boris Merkovich wonders if he will ever feel a moment of peace again. As the manager of Oxsana's, his family's cafe, he doesn't have time for grieving. But everything changes when he stumbles and almost pours a pot of tea into a customer's lap. To his surprise, the young woman doesn't become angry...

Love comes in unexpected ways. Neither Anna nor Boris dream this encounter would change both their lives, but as Dor implodes, Boris and Anna's relationship, begun over spilled tea and a heartfelt prayer, only grows stronger. However, it isn't long before Anna realizes the hatred destroying her city isn't just "out there." If Boris cannot forgive his cousin's killer, it will cost both him and Anna everything they've begun to hope for.

Longlisted for the 2019 Not the Booker Prize Paperback – 15 May 2019

Deal on Amazon now £5.69 down from £9.99 for Kindle and £8.19 from £9.99 for the book

Also direct from the publisher, Salt. Free P&P

A Modern Ghost Story And Creepy Dark Tale From S.A.Harris

‘This book is an absolute page turner, it didn’t take me long to read, in fact, I devoured it. I found it unsettling, unnerving and at times downright creepy. The tension is palpable, not just within the behaviour of the house itself but within the character’s relationships. The suspense is built throughout the book right until the very last page. I have been recommending this book to anyone who will listen.’ —Beverley’s Reads

Kate Keeling leaves all she knows and moves to Haverscroft House in an attempt to salvage her marriage. Little does she realise, Haverscroft s dark secrets will drive her to question her sanity, her husband and fatally engulf her family unless she can stop the past repeating itself. Can Kate keep her children safe and escape Haverscroft in time, even if it will end her marriage?

Haverscroft is a gripping and chilling dark tale, a modern ghost story that will keep you turning its pages late into the night.

Melody Jackson v. the Woman in White

Book One, Season One

Melody's eyes met with the Bardo -- and she knew she would never be the same again.

Free until August @ Smashwords

It all began with a blood-curdling scream in the middle of the night. This spurs on an investigation by Melody Jackson and her family which leads all over Portland. Enlisting the help of Lonnie's friends, Chazz and Malika, the group looks to resolve the mystery of not only the woman in white, but of two mysterious men in a van, and the dreaded Bardo!

Melody Jackson is back in an all new series of tales. In this first story, Melody and her family are confronted with some terrible business going on in the weather station across the street.

4 Stars

This is a great introduction to the world of Melody Jackson, her family and her curious mind that seems to uncover mystery no matter what she decides to champion at any given time. In this episode Melody shows her philanthropic side by wanting to tear down an old house across the street to make way for a park to benefit local residents. Needless to say not all goes well with this plan and we begin a race against time to solve the clues before two mysterious men in a white van who have begun stalking Melody and her family.

The story is well written with characters that meld together extremely well. There are many amusing moments between Melody and her parents that show the authors complete grasp of family angst in a household that contains a pre-teen.

I definitely recommend this book to anyone who likes to read!

--Patricia Walker

by. Y. Y. Chan

Currently $0.99 on Amazon, but will return to $1.99 on 7/26

Can good things really come from bad things?

Why does God allow bad things to happen?

Will Daddy still be able to hear me from Heaven?

These are just some of the questions Renee starts thinking about after she finds out that her daddy has cancer. She feels very sad and struggles to understand why this is happening. He hasn't even been her daddy for that long – there’s still so much they haven’t done yet! All she can think to do is pray and ask God to make her daddy better. But when she realises he isn’t, she begins to wonder what God’s plan is, and whether God can hear her prayers at all. She documents all the things that are happening in her diary as she watches her daddy go through the stages of cancer. Through this painful experience, she learns about the meaning of faith and how she can stay connected to her beloved father after he is gone.

There are also discussion questions at the end for readers to share in small groups or as a guide for self-reflection and journalling. It can be used for grief support groups for those who have lost someone to cancer or terminal illness.