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by Irene Baron

Terrorists intend to bomb every major airport and contaminate the United States with atomic radiation. VESPER, the President’s new and highly classified Virtual ExtraSensory Perception Experimental Research project hidden in corridors under JFK runways, must locate a “mindreacher” to find the terrorists. Able to read minds over great distances, mindreachers were born in South Africa decades ago. Frightened parents hid them around the world. Will a mindreacher be powerful enough to fly over a city and find terrorists? Selected military personnel stationed internationally are trained to recognize psychic events to hone in on the event catalyst, hopefully a mindreacher. Minor telepath, Ana Masterson, is discovered and teamed with Major Jon Coulter, USMC, a Shaolin-trained martial arts master. They become embroiled in VESPER’s perilous global search for mindreachers.

by Cecília Vizvári (Author, Illustrator), Flávió Vizvári (Author, Illustrator)

The Space Pot (Tales from outer space Book 1)

In the first part of the series, you can get to know the pot, who is very dissatisfied with his fate. He became bored with his life being about nothing but cooking soup and jam, so he decided to become an astronaut: he will fly between planets and stars. Do you think his dream has been fulfilled?

by Donna Sager Cowan (Author), Diane J Reid (Illustrator)

Catt the cat is without a home or even a real name. After she is dumped in an alley, snarling dogs chase her straight through a hidden portal and into Sweet Meadows.

Catt sees a mouse fall from the sky. He’s not just any mouse, he is wearing a vest and coat.

* * *

Simon Cheddar is a mouse with a plan. He’s also a collector. He likes to recycle, but he feels safer with full pockets. Simon wants to be a Superhero, so he enrolled at the Superhero School in Sweet Meadows. Today is his first class and he doesn’t want to miss a thing.

* * *

Outside Sweet Meadows, in Mouseville, Simon’s home is attacked by cats. Everyone suspects Catt, except Simon.

Did she do it? Or, is she being set up?

Find out in, With the Courage of a Mouse, The Superhero School series.