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“The Art of the Show”

by Daisy Sutton

We never really clicked with alt country in the UK. The likes of Son Volt, Uncle Tupelo and The Bottle Rockets, with their mix of The Minutemen’s punk sensibility and Merle Haggard’s Nashville roots, didn’t really resonate at the time, in a nation struggling to reconcile the competing aesthetics of The Spice Girls and Bauhaus.

But maybe now’s the time. Say Yes Do Nothing combine north London grit with Nashville dirt to produce a distinctive mix that’s both timeless and aggressively up-to-date.

Their shows are wild and engaging – rarely you’ll see witness a band with as much sheer drive and ‘hey, look!’. Antics such as throwing band t-shirts and paper dosh out into the crowd keep the pace and grab the attention, but never detract from their Americana storytelling.

Winners of the 2018 Future Music Awards, Say Yes, Do Nothing want every aspect of our gigs to be entertaining – even their flyers. Singer/songwriter Dave Eastman says, “For every gig poster – or song, for that matter – we ask ourselves, “What would Banksy do?”

Their songs are all true personal stories. Their new single, “Hum of the Hidden Machine”, to be released on 23 October with Animal Farms Music, unflinchingly tells about an abortion from the boyfriend’s perspective:

“When they took her hand away I could see she was trying to be brave. She even tried to smile. She even tried to wave...and when they let her back outside, there was nothing in her eyes, and I knew they had finished the job that had begun with our first lies.”

American Dave Eastman (vocals/guitar) formed SYDN in 2018 in Kentish Town where he found Simon (bass/vocals) and Dan (lead guitar/vocals) hiding in a dark rehearsal space, ready to do justice to his songs of love gone awry and families gone rogue. When not writing, Dave spends his time managing medical relief in the world’s worst war zones.

Listen and watch carefully – there’s a helluva lot of ideas you’ll want to catch and unpick, going on in the midst of this USA-cum-north London lot’s shake and rattle. Crafted music delivered with life and true grit.

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